Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Swastika painted outside Congressman's Office

Each summer brings it own "flavor." Last summer, we had the 2008 Presidential campaigns. This summer, it's about Healthcare reform. Now, I'm not going to give any opinion on health care reform, but in recent days things have been getting out of hand. Take for example the case of Rep. David Scott (D-GA 13th), whose office in Georgia found a Swastika was painted outside his office. His staff called the police and Capitol Police in Washington, DC have been notified of the incident and continue to beef up security as the protests get louder and, to some extent, more violent. Rep. Scott also said that he's been getting hate mail which uses the "n word" and makes claims that President Obama is a Marxist.

While I will not give an opinion on healthcare reform or on President Obama, going to calling them critics racial slurs and swastikas, something clearly has gone too far. So if you want to be critical, be critical, but don't allow yourself to fall into that trap of racism and bigotry. Stick to the politics.

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