Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Chanukah Message from The Anti-Semitism Report

I thought I would share with you this song written by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary called "Light One Candle."

The explanation of the significance of the song from here. You can get the lyrics here.

LIGHT ONE CANDLE (A Chanukah Song by Peter Yarrow)
By Stan Schroeder

If you’ve read my monthly biographies in the Shir Notes you know I enjoy writing about people (mainly Jews) who have in some way made our world better for me. Peter Yarrow, who is such a person, was born in New York City May 31, 1938 to Jewish parents who were immigrants from the Ukraine. He graduated from New York City's "High School of Music and Art" (as an art student) and then Cornell University (experimental psychology) in 1959. Yarrow met Noel "Paul" Stookey and Mary Travers in Greenwich Village, center of the mid-20th century American folk music revival. They formed the folk-singing trio of Peter, Paul, and Mary and soon were among the most successful in the business.

Among their many hits were If I Had a Hammer, This Land is Your Land, Blowin' in the Wind, Where Have All the Flowers Gone?, and Puff the Magic Dragon (lyrics by fellow Cornell student, Leonard Lipton, music by Peter Yarrow).

They mixed music with political and social activism. In 1963 the trio marched with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma, Ala., and Washington, D.C. They were also involved in many of the civil rights and social causes of the 1960s as well as protests against the Vietnam War. Although Yarrow did not have a religious upbringing, he later acknowledged a strong Jewish identification. He now speaks of tikkun olam when referring to the many projects he organizes and supports. He was also a leader in the movement to free Soviet Jews.

Yarrow has long been a peace activist. In 1983 he wrote the Chanukah song Light One Candle that would also be, in his words, “a call for peace and reconciliation". "When I wrote the song, I was forced to look inside myself," he said. He and his daughter, Bethany, traveled to the Middle East at the height of the first intifada. They visited the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Syria plus other sites in Israel.

And, amazingly, Peter, Paul, and Mary still perform as a trio. Yarrow also performs with his daughter in a group called Peter, Bethany and Rufus.

The United Nations: Created to create peace, now "mourns the creation of Israel."

The United Nations: Created to create peace, now "mourns the creation of Israel."

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sandra Samuel: Rightous Among the Nations

Sandra Samuel, the nanny who saved Moshe Holtzberg in Mumbai will be given Israel's highest honor to those who are not Jewish, "Righteous Gentile." Normally, an honor like this in Israel is reserved for those who saved Jews during the Holocaust; however, Israel moved along the process, which usually takes months, made the exception and will honor her with the title as well as planting a tree in her honor among the "Garden of the Righteous" as Yad Vashem. This will enable her and her co-worker Jackie to live in Israel with Moshe at a secret location in Israel.

Here is a CNN Interview they did with Sandra Samuel about what happened in the Chabad House.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nazi Flag Flies in area controlled by Palestinian Authority

According to Israel National News, in an area of Hevron you can see a flag flying in the wind that happens to be controlled by the Palestinian Authority, the official voice of the Palestinian people, a Nazi flag flies in the wind. The IDF is finding it difficult to remove because of its location; however, according to a source with the Israel National News, they want it kept up so that way people know what they have to deal with on an everyday basis. Click on the link above to read the whole story.

Once again, this is not an isolated incident when it comes to the brainwashing of the Palestinian population into believing an ideology of hate.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Universal Deceleration on Human Rights 60th Anniversary: From Promise and Hope to Despair and Ignorance

Today, 60 years ago today, spearheaded by Eleanor Roosevelt, the Universal Deceleration of Human Rights was passed and the Human Rights Council, meant to defend and protect Human Rights around the world. What has happened with this council is that absolutely nothing has happened. In fact, the Human Rights Council has made the human rights situation even worse, which has lead to genocides in Kosovo and Rwanda while also turning a blind eye towards abuses of human rights like the subjugation of women in Saudi Arabia and other countries that rule under Radical Islamic rule in the region and the current genocide going on in Darfur. What has occurred instead is that the Human Rights Council, once a beacon of hope and meant to defend human rights around the world has come under control of countries, one of them being Saudi Arabia, the worst violators of Human Rights! It is also within these hallowed halls that the world's only functioning democracy in the Middle East, the Jewish State, Israel is condemned left and right so many times that even Kofi Anna, former Secretary-General of the United Nations criticized the Council for “disproportionate focus on [alleged] violations by Israel.” To get a clearer idea of what I'm trying to say, I refer you to the following video bellow. Compare and contrast what is said and by whom in the Council and what the independent organization UN Watch says. Tell me what is wrong here?

I thought so.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Jimmy Carter Book on the Middle East

According to The Huffington Post, former President Jimmy Carter who wrote the incredibly bias and anti-Semitic book "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid," (see my report on the book here) has written a new book on the Middle East. The title of the book is "We Can Bring Peace to the Holy Land." At least it is something that won't cause a firestorm because of the title; however, with President Carter's previous book on Israel, I do not expect for Carter to deviate from his previous thesis on the Middle East conflict.

Expect another book as part of my book series on whether a book crosses that line between legitimate criticism and anti-Semitism. Please donate to the report by clicking on the donate button on the side of the page.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Terrorist attack in Mumbai: Act of Terror, Act of Anti-Semitism

A couple of weeks ago in Mumbai, India, terrorism hit the city with the death toll of over 180 people and hundreds more killed. Two of those killed were Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg, the directors of the Chabad of Mumbai, . For those who do not know what the Chabad organization is, they are an international organization of Orthodox Jews that provide services to Jewish people in the cities they are located in and a place for traveling Jews to come to for all their Jewish needs. The attacks, as well as the horrors of what happened at the Chabad house was preplanned with the Chabad house as one of the targets. This Chabad house in particular was not only a place for traveling Jews, but for the local Jewish community in India which now fears for it's safety.

Three days ago the Jewish/Israeli victims of the Mumbai terrorist attack was buried, the burial was broadcast on Israeli TV.

That was Moshe Holtzberg. He was in the Chabad House of Mumbai during the siege but was saved by his nanny. What he is saying is "Ima" which is Hebrew for "Mommy."

Please click here to donate to the Chabad House of Mumbai to help rebuild the center as well as to help support the surviving children of the Holtzberg's. To all the victims of this horrific act of terrorism, remember you are not alone. You are in our prayers and in our hearts.

The following piece was published in the Times of India. It's an open letter to Moshe:

Dear Moshe,

My heart went out to you when I saw you on television, as your Indian nanny carried you out of Nariman House or Chabad House or shall we say Sabbath House, as it was almost the Sabbath, the day of your liberation. It was hard to figure out as to what was going on, as there were so many people around you. You looked visibly frightened. You did not understand what was going on and clung to your nanny, although your eyes were searching for your parents' comforting presence.

At such a young age, you were already a captive, maybe a tiny hostage in last week's madness. You must have seen so much, maybe then you were in your mother's lap and she must have tried to keep you quiet, whispering comforting words in your ears, so that you would not start crying and annoy the terrorists. At that moment you were just a baby not a Jew, as that is how the terrorists had held your family captive, just because they were Jewish. They had tracked down your family's identity and overnight made you into an orphan. Wonder what made them release you? Did they soften or think that you were a harmless baby or did they want to separate you from your parents, or did they want you to live, so that you would always remember those horrifying days. What a heart-wrenching scene it must have been, to tear you apart from your mother's bosom. Maybe your parents must have let you go as they wanted to save you from the claws of sure death.

Then there was the passage of time when you left Chabad House with your nanny leaving your parents behind. Till they died, they must have never known if you were alive or dead as there was no way of knowing the truth. Your father was a rabbi, well versed in the Hebrew prayers of life and death, and he must have asked the Lord to protect you from such terrifying violence. They say, the death of your parents was a message to the Jews of the Diaspora. But then, Jews as a race have always faced violence throughout history.

Little Moshe, as you leave India with your grandparents to live in Israel, you will again come face to face with bloodshed and violence. Wonder if you will avenge your parents' death or will you work for peace?

Your parents named you Moshe, meaning Moses, and your story is similar to the one in the Bible, where Moses was left to drift in the river Nile, to save him from the Pharaoh's sword and how he became the prince of Egypt and led the Jewish people to freedom. Maybe, you will also choose the path of freedom and peace. Because, you survived in India, the only country in the world where Jews were never persecuted and with your survival, I experience an iota of hope in this terrifying medley of hate, violence and death.

You are just two years old and maybe all you have learnt to say so far, is shalom peace be with you' .

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