Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hate doesn't happen

Hate isn't simple. No one person is born hating from the womb. They are taught to hate by the environment around them. Whether it's their parents, their school, or even in media, hate just doesn't happen.

So I ask those of you alleged "freedom lovers" who stand with the leaders of the Palestinian Authority, of Hamas, of Hezbollah the following question: After seeing these videos, would you want your family to see and hear those words and images?

To those of you on college campuses and part of Palestine Clubs or clubs that promote peace but stand with groups and organizations like those mentioned above, why would you even consider standing with them?

I want to be clear, I want peace. But if peace is going to grow in the Middle East towards Israel, it will have less to do with the Jewish State and more about the mindset towards Jews in general. Hopefully, with the recent upheaval in Arab countries and more young people wanting freedom in their countries, we will one day we closer to building bridges towards peace instead of bombs.

Goldstone report reconsidered

In October 2009, the findings of the "Goldstone report"  were made to the world, filled with inaccurate information and lies directed at Israel. In this past Friday's Washington Post (click here), Richard Goldstone, the author and chairperson of the report, wrote that if he knew what we know now then, then the report would be a lot different towards Israel.

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