Monday, March 23, 2009

Anti-Semitism gets no punishment for Canadian Politician

Anti-Semitism is a worldwide disease. It spreads its wings and corrupts the minds of all people, no matter what religion, creed, race, or nationality one may be. Six years ago, David Ahenakew, a Canadian politician made a series of anti-Semitic remarks, blaming the Jews for WWII and for, along with the United States (with then President George W. Bush) and Israel, creating the chance of WWIII as well as for controlling the media. He also said when asked if the Holocaust was justifiable, he responded "The Jews damn near owned all of Germany prior to the war. ... That's how Hitler came in. He was going to make damn sure that the Jews didn't take over Germany or Europe. That's why he fried six million of those guys, you know. Jews would have owned the goddamned world. And look what they're doing. They're killing people in Arab countries." He also added "How do you get rid of a disease like that, that's going to take over, that's going to dominate?" He was charged by Canadian officials for spreading hatred. He was convincted and fined $1,000.

Then, in 2006, Justice Robert Laing of the Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench overturned the decision on the grounds that the law stipulates that the person saying it has to have done it willingly, and that this tirade was a result of his anger while being interviewed by a reporter. The judge ordered a second trial. Then, roughly an hour ago (as of 3:20PM EST), the judge ordered that no more trials for Mr. Ahenakew and that the decision was final. No punishment, no fine, nothing.

So in other words, he blames the Jews for WWII, blames them for trying to create WWIII, ethnic genocide against the Arabs, that Jews control the media and he is a politician who said this to a reporter but the justice system decided that on a technicallity, nothing else happens to him? My suggestion for Mr. Ahenakew is to take a lesson from Judge Hatchett and how she dealt with a similar issue.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Please Donate to the Anti-Semitism Report

Dear Loyal Readers,
I first want to apologize for not writing anything recently. I am a student and have been working hard on various college work and will be picking it up as often as I can. However, I can say that I am working on various projects which include:

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The issue with this is though that their are various financial and software that is needed to do these things. Therefore, I am asking you loyal readers to donate, even if it is small, so that way I am able to do these various things that are needed to help improve the Report. We're hoping to be able to have more funds to find and purchase these books, as well as video equipment and video editing software. If you have any questions regarding donations, please email me at


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