Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Durban II" more of the same old anti-Semitism

For those of you who have not had the chance to review the coverage of what is known as in its slang as "Durban II," essentially the conference was more of the same as the previous Durban conference in 2001 with a new twist, a major world leader was given a stage, and this time the world knew what he was going to say. What occured part of the way through the speech was something unique and a strong commentary on what those in the West think of this particular world leader:

And in case you thought nothing else could go wrong, think again. Elie Weisel, a Holocaust Survivor and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, was taunted with cries of "ZioNazi" as well as being called a racist:

Finally, if the absurdity of a conference validating the "findings" of the previous Durban conference (the baseless accusation of Israel as "racist and apartheid" state as well as other attacks on Israel as being the worst violator of Human Right, etc), this exchange with a Palestinian who was tortured by Qaddafi regime tries to speak out and the Libya, the country that was chosen to be the head of the committee that planned this years conference, silences him and the crimes committed against him:

In the end, what will the legacy of this years Durban conference be? I believe Ms. Anne Bayefsky, senior fellow of the Hudson Institute and founder of "Eye On The UN," said it best in her comments to the Durban II conference:

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