Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anti Semitism in rallies advertised as "Pro-Palestinian" or "Anti-War"

In what was and still is the case, rallies advertised as "Pro-Palestinian" or "Anti-Israel," turn out to be more anti-Semitic than caring about the plight of the Palestinians.

Here is a photo from a "pro-Palestinian" rally in San Francisco on Jan. 9:

The following video was put out by Steve Emerson and The Investigative Project on Terrorism about these "protests."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hamas Inflated Number of Dead

According to various sources, mainly the Jerusalem Post and ynetnews, which quotes an Italian newspaper, claims from various Palestinians and one Palestinian doctor that the number dead is around 500-600 maximum and, as this unnamed Palestinian doctor says "Most of them are youths between the ages of 17 to 23 who were recruited to the ranks of Hamas, who sent them to the slaughter." Within this report is further evidence of Hamas using the civilian population as human shields. From the Jerusalem Post, "One Gazan recalled civilians in Gaza shouting at Hamas and Islamic Jihad men, 'Go away, go away from here! Do you want the Israelis to kill us all? Do you want our children to die under their bombs? Take your guns and missiles with you.'

'Traitors, collaborators with Israel, spies of Fatah, cowards! The soldiers of the holy war will punish you. And in any case you will all die, like us. Fighting the Zionist Jews we are all destined for paradise. Do you not wish to die with us?' the religious fanatics of Hamas reportedly responded." It is also noted in this report that Hamas fighters dressed up as paramedics and driving hospitals. One Palestinian reported that she saw Hamas firing rockets in and on top of UN buildings. Another Palestinian told the reporter "Armed Hamas men sought out a good position for provoking the Israelis. There were mostly teenagers, aged 16 or 17, and armed. They couldn't do a thing against a tank or a jet. They knew they are much weaker, but they fired at our houses so that they could blame Israel for war crimes."

When this Italian reporter talked with Palestinian reporters about the fighting and these inflated numbers, they said that this would be similar to what happened in Jenin when "there was first talk of 1,500 deaths. But then it turned out that there were only 54, 45 of which were armed men."

Here is a link of the original story translated into English from the original Italian.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dr. Martin Luther King and Israel

As one can tell, this writer's opinions are in part shaped by the words and work of Dr. King. When he was killed in 1968, it was a shock to this nation and to the world. However, some people will be surprised to see this video of Dr. King and his support of Israel.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Human Rights for some, but not all?

Ever since Israel began it's defensive measures against Hamas in Gaza on Dec. 27, 2008, the world outcry has been not on the citizens of Southern Israel, who have had over 8,200 rockets being fired at them by Hamas, but for the some 1,200 killed in Gaza, over half of them being Hamas terrorists. Now, if you believe the media such as BBC, CNN International, and various Human Rights groups and protests, you'd think Israel is committing mass murder!
These are some very serious charges against Israel and I hope to show you some videos that I hope that you will watch not only to the end, but will see what is really going as as oppose to what your being led to believe.

Video #1: What do the children of Hamas learn?

Video #2: Hamas in Their Own Words

Video #3: Sderot, it's citzens, and life in Sderot.

Video #4 &5: UN Human Rights Council and Anti-Semitism

Video #6: Weapons hidden inside a home in Gaza

Video #7 & 8: Professor of International Law and Resident of Sderot at the UN

So in the end, is hiding behind mothers, children, UN compounds, hospitals, and other public institutions ok with the UN but Israel defending itself is not?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Leaders on Israel's Defensive Measures against Hamas

President-Elect Barack Obama

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Next President of the European Union, Czech Republic's Karel Schwarzenberg:
Israel's actions are defensive, not offensive!

Countries such as Egypt and Jordan have not publicly come out against this is because these two Arab countries probably support Israel because they both have a common enemy, Hamas.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What caused the current "Hamas War?"

On December 27 Israel launched a defensive action against Hamas titled Operation: Cast Lead. One of the many questions being asked is why such actions need to occur?

On December 19, a six month cease-fire between Hamas and Israel ended and almost immediately, rockets fell in southern Israel including over 80 in one day! After 8 years of rockets (since 2001) being fired on the residents of such cities as Ashkelon and Sderot, no other choice was left for Israel but to begin it's defensive measures against Hamas. Don't believe me? Consider the following evidence, captured by the Israeli Air Force:

Now how does Israel respond to such actions? Until recently it hasn't. It also doesn't "return fire" because doing so endangers the lives of innocent children and other civilians in the areas. This is the case with almost all the rockets being fired from Gaza, being fired within civilian populations making it nearly impossible to return fire unless it kills innocent civilians!

Now, what about those videos of mass explosions after Israel bombs a location? In the video below, Israel fires a rocket at a mosque believed to be a holding place for weapons by Hamas. When Israel fires a rocket you'll see the normal explosion followed by the 2nd explosion which is from the hidden weapons.

Now, as one Palestinian supporter told me that the rockets being fired into Israel by Hamas were "silly little things." Here is a presentation from Noam Bedein of Sderot Media Center about the situation in the southern part of Israel:

So, in the end who is to blame? I'll let this girl in Gaza answer:

I look forward to your comments and responses.

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