Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What caused the current "Hamas War?"

On December 27 Israel launched a defensive action against Hamas titled Operation: Cast Lead. One of the many questions being asked is why such actions need to occur?

On December 19, a six month cease-fire between Hamas and Israel ended and almost immediately, rockets fell in southern Israel including over 80 in one day! After 8 years of rockets (since 2001) being fired on the residents of such cities as Ashkelon and Sderot, no other choice was left for Israel but to begin it's defensive measures against Hamas. Don't believe me? Consider the following evidence, captured by the Israeli Air Force:

Now how does Israel respond to such actions? Until recently it hasn't. It also doesn't "return fire" because doing so endangers the lives of innocent children and other civilians in the areas. This is the case with almost all the rockets being fired from Gaza, being fired within civilian populations making it nearly impossible to return fire unless it kills innocent civilians!

Now, what about those videos of mass explosions after Israel bombs a location? In the video below, Israel fires a rocket at a mosque believed to be a holding place for weapons by Hamas. When Israel fires a rocket you'll see the normal explosion followed by the 2nd explosion which is from the hidden weapons.

Now, as one Palestinian supporter told me that the rockets being fired into Israel by Hamas were "silly little things." Here is a presentation from Noam Bedein of Sderot Media Center about the situation in the southern part of Israel:

So, in the end who is to blame? I'll let this girl in Gaza answer:

I look forward to your comments and responses.

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