Sunday, January 18, 2009

Human Rights for some, but not all?

Ever since Israel began it's defensive measures against Hamas in Gaza on Dec. 27, 2008, the world outcry has been not on the citizens of Southern Israel, who have had over 8,200 rockets being fired at them by Hamas, but for the some 1,200 killed in Gaza, over half of them being Hamas terrorists. Now, if you believe the media such as BBC, CNN International, and various Human Rights groups and protests, you'd think Israel is committing mass murder!
These are some very serious charges against Israel and I hope to show you some videos that I hope that you will watch not only to the end, but will see what is really going as as oppose to what your being led to believe.

Video #1: What do the children of Hamas learn?

Video #2: Hamas in Their Own Words

Video #3: Sderot, it's citzens, and life in Sderot.

Video #4 &5: UN Human Rights Council and Anti-Semitism

Video #6: Weapons hidden inside a home in Gaza

Video #7 & 8: Professor of International Law and Resident of Sderot at the UN

So in the end, is hiding behind mothers, children, UN compounds, hospitals, and other public institutions ok with the UN but Israel defending itself is not?

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maasanova said...


I found this excellent speech by Mr. Abraham Foxman, the director of the ADL. Whenever you and your readers need a little bit of inspiration you can always know that there are some people still fighting for us.

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