Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More Hate Found on Brooklyn College Campus

Two weeks ago, I made the discovery of hate on our campus. Today, sources led me to another bathroom stall in Brooklyn College showing the worst symbols of hate.

This graffiti says "Cripples to the Lions." The upside-down "T" infers to the upside-down cross, a sign of the devil as well as the "O's" which is the Pentagram, an old sign of the devil.

This graffiti says "Male Supremacy." The "A" symbolism is unknown to me.

This picture has the "Star of David" enclosed in a circle and in the middle of the star is a Swastika and the number "6" a common sign of evil enclosed within the circle. On the top of the circle says "Die" and on the bottom says "Gays."

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Rachel :-) said...

the A symbol is for anarchy

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