Monday, April 14, 2008

Classic Self-Hating Anti-Semitism in the Guardian

In this article, Seth Freedman, a commentator for Guardian, and former IDF soldier, shows us the worst form of anti-Semitism, the "self-hating Jew." Yes, he does say that he is anything but this category of anti-Semitism; however, his words paint a different picture. The main push of the article is that Zionism and Judaism are two separate entities and that Zionism itself is evil. He claims that Zionism is a "a racist, supremacist ideology." He also discusses some conversations he had with Palestinians in refugee areas, a man named Jihad said to him '"There is no other way [that will suffice]. A two-state solution will not bring peace - the fight will go on."' This person also does not have a problem "with those who chose to join the armed resistance." Another Palestinian told him why couldn't the Zionists (in which this person really meant Jews) feel they need to not only emigrate, but to control and conquest the land? Essentially, this article is meant to portray the majority of Jews (in which Zionism and Judaism are essentially one in the same) as the worst thing in the region and that the Zionists are colonialists and imperialists who are guilty of crimes against humanity.


Rui Pedro LĂ©rias said...

So, are you suggesting Seth Freedman is a closeted nazi?

Greg said...

No; however, I am suggesting he is a self-hating Jew.

John said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being self critical. Indeed, it is part of a process of improvement over ignorance.

Greg said...

There is nothing wrong with being critical of ones self religion or, in this case, Israel. The problem is, is that he crossed the line from criticism of Israel as the Jewish State, a mandate set by the United Nations, to saying misinformation about Israel and the Jewish+Zionist aspect of it. Yes, my opinion is that Zionism and Judaism are one in the same thing.

How would you feel if you were a Catholic and someone said you know, Vatican City is guilty of crimes against humanity, for suppressing freedom of speech, etc? Not only is the above a lie, but he is essentially saying the same thing about Israel, which is wrong.

While the writer is himself Jewish and a former IDF soldier, he is passing himself of as an expert on Zionism based on selective information and listening to those Palestinian "refugees."

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