Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Singing Hatred in the Streets of Gaza

The Washington Post reports that a group of five men who are the "police force" for Hamas in Gaza, since the takeover by Hamas during this past summer, have started a singing group that sings anti-Israel songs. "O Jerusalem, rest assured we are the sacrifice," says one song. "I will not retreat from my Jihad, I will not back down."
Now why do they feel they need to sing about this topic? Hussam Abu Abdu, a member of this band says "We aim to entertain, to help ease the people's suffering and at the same time we deliver a message about morals and values."

You know nothing says give peace a chance like singing songs that call for destruction of the only Jewish country in the Middle East.
Hamas has done things like this before. Earlier in the year, the media showed us Farfur, a Mickey Mouse look alike who sang on a TV show intended to be viewed by children to encourage Jihad against Israel, among other things. This kind of culture where children are taught to hate is the worst kind of child abuse. What can you do? Call Congress and/or send a message to the UN (via telephone or e-mail or mail) that we demand something be done about what children are being taught on Palestinian Public Television! If we think the upcoming peace conference in Annapolis is going to be a success, maybe for now, but Hamas and even Fatah are getting the next generation of Palestinians to hate Jews and Israelis and to create what we see today in the world of tomorrow, otherwise, if an agreement is reached in Annapolis, the peace described will just be a word on a page and not something that is practiced by Palestinians.

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Anonymous said...

This is a big problem, we need to be very careful to realize when something is Anti-Israel and Anti-Semetic, two very different things. Two very important things to understand the difference between.

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