Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pro-Israel groups come under attack

In a report by City on a Hill Press, various scholars (such as Norman Finkelstein, who earlier this year was denied tenure, and Noam Chomsky, professor of linguistics at MIT) have come out and say that their academic freedom has been revoked based on the fact that these groups try and silence them and make claims of anti-Semitism about them. Finkelstein cites that these groups throw ar0und the term anti-Semitism and blur it with anti-Zionism that the word has lost its potency.

I'm sorry Mr. Finkelstein, Mr. Chomsky, and Mr. Massad, but I strongly disagree with your notion that these pro-Israel groups are trying to silence the scholarly community. Maybe I don't understand how the only democracy in the Middle East that guarantees equal rights for Arabs, Palestinians, Homosexuals, and minorities and has defended itself properly all times in wars of defense against its Arab neighbors (I'm not saying Israel is perfect, but I am saying every time they fight, it is a War of Defense), not to mention leading a lot of the Middle East in terms of Technological and Medical advances deserves your attacks. I do not have a problem criticizing Israel as a country, but when you attack it making claims like, in a piece titled "The Ends of Zionism: Racism and the Palestinian Struggle," by Mr. Massad, I can only assume you bang the outright lie of Zionism is Racism. And you, Mr. Chomsky, claim that Israel's actions are like that of Nazi Germany, why would I even want to listen to your claim? And to you, Mr. Finkelstein, you have a problem with those who are pro-Israel referring to you as the son of a Holocaust survivor yet you have no problem attacking those like Alan Dershowitz and those who support Israel and claim their work is fraudulent and a hoax so many times, it begins to come into question what exactly are you doing? Do you not understand that groups like Hezbollah, Fatah, and Hamas support the killing of Jews?

What do you readers think? Do you think groups are silencing the anti-Israel scholars or is the work of the David Project, Campus Watch, etc just acting as a way of informing students and faculty what is going on with certain professors and their writings?

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