Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's that time again...

With Israel "Apartheid" week coming and going to campuses around the world, it is time for those Pro-Israel activists to come together to remind the world what it means to be pro-Israel: it means pro-peace. Yes, Israel is not a perfect country. Ask any Israeli. I promise you no one Israeli will have the same response on what is right or wrong with Israel. But, that is how democracy works. But, Israel has and always stood up for peace. Israel has always stood with it's ally, the United States, waiting for someone to come through that door and discuss peace. It wasn't Arafat, he decided long before Camp David in 2000 that he wanted war. It is not anyone currently in the Palestinian Authority, as they continue to promote the murder of innocent civilians (see here and here).

Yet, Palestinian clubs and other far left wing clubs/organizations have the audacity to blame Israel for apartheid?! Watch the video below and you tell me (courtesy of StandWithUs).

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