Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel Navy attempted to enforce Gaza blockade, provided warning, and then was attacked

It is always upsetting to hear about the loss of life. However, this morning, the Israeli Navy announced to the Gaza flotilla, carrying, what they claim, to be supplies to provide humanitarian aid.

While I will acknowledge the situation inside Gaza is an unfortunate situation, the blockade is understandable. First, it is one thing if one country, Israel, is doing this; however, a fact lost in the discussion, is the this blockade is being supported by and enforced by Egypt as well.

Second, that this organization and groups of organization has been linked to terrorist organizations that support the work of Hamas and other Islamic terrorist activities, according to the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center's report (click here for the report and click here for the follow up report). As if one needed any further evidence of this connection, only days ago, Palestinian Media Watch released this report video below:

Earlier this morning, according to a report by London's Telegraph, Israeli Navy ships went out and made the following announcement to the flotilla:

When the ships did not respond, troops where flow in to enforce the blockade. The Israeli Navy released this shocking footage:

Without sound

With sound

It is clear that after seeing these videos and this report from Reuters, the Israeli Navy troops where acting in self defense.


Here are some pictures of what was recovered from the flotilla from the IDF Spokesperson blog.


****************** Update #2 06/01/2010 ***********************

Israeli Navy soldier describes what happened on the ship

**************** Update #3 06/01/2010 1:27PM EST *******************

Video of Israeli troops being fired at:

Another video showing the true aim of the flotilla:

*********************** Update #3 06/01/10 7:29PM EST **************************

More video of what was found on the ship that was used to attack the Israeli Navy soldiers:

******************* Update #4 06/01/10 10:20PM **********************************

According to the Jerusalem Post, the goods that the flotilla were carrying were not in shortage in Gaza. For more info, click here for the full report.

****************** Update #5 06/02/10 ***********************************

As this video clearly shows, Israeli Navy soldiers were being attacked before they even were on the ship (recovered video from an activist on the ship):

***************** Update #6 06/02/10 12:26PM ********************

According to the IDF Spokesperson's official blog, Hamas is currently refusing delivery of the aid from the flotilla to go into Gaza. See full blog post here.

**************** Update #7 06/02/10 1:17PM **********************

More video of "humanitarians" preparing to attack Israeli Navy troops

************* Update #8 06/02/10 7:55 AM **********************

Israel has released a couple of new videos, providing further evidence that the flotilla was not intent on carrying aid to Gaza, but prepared to fight, and even kill, Israeli's.

First, weapons and footage of passengers preparing the weapons:

Second, video of a passenger talking to Iranian government controlled Press TV talking about what he wants to be on this "humanitarian mission." I wonder if it is to be a good person?

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