Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Universal Deceleration on Human Rights 60th Anniversary: From Promise and Hope to Despair and Ignorance

Today, 60 years ago today, spearheaded by Eleanor Roosevelt, the Universal Deceleration of Human Rights was passed and the Human Rights Council, meant to defend and protect Human Rights around the world. What has happened with this council is that absolutely nothing has happened. In fact, the Human Rights Council has made the human rights situation even worse, which has lead to genocides in Kosovo and Rwanda while also turning a blind eye towards abuses of human rights like the subjugation of women in Saudi Arabia and other countries that rule under Radical Islamic rule in the region and the current genocide going on in Darfur. What has occurred instead is that the Human Rights Council, once a beacon of hope and meant to defend human rights around the world has come under control of countries, one of them being Saudi Arabia, the worst violators of Human Rights! It is also within these hallowed halls that the world's only functioning democracy in the Middle East, the Jewish State, Israel is condemned left and right so many times that even Kofi Anna, former Secretary-General of the United Nations criticized the Council for “disproportionate focus on [alleged] violations by Israel.” To get a clearer idea of what I'm trying to say, I refer you to the following video bellow. Compare and contrast what is said and by whom in the Council and what the independent organization UN Watch says. Tell me what is wrong here?

I thought so.

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