Monday, June 16, 2008

Who Are You?

I decided it was time I put some of my thoughts in writing this Op-Ed for the "paper" and I decided on a good topic. I know someone out there can properly answer the following question; however, the amount of evidence against the Palestinian people is mind boggling. Just exactly, who are these Palestinian people? Let us examine the evidence that points me to asking this question.

First, there is a huge gap from 1273 BCE with the Jewish people's conquest of Israel and 636 ACE when the "Armies of Allah" invaded and conquered the land of Israel. One of the many claims by supporters of the Palestinian people is that they have always lived in the land of, what they call, Palestine. However, between those periods the Jewish Kingdom rose and fell; however, the Jewish population in Israel, mostly centralized around major Jewish cities such as Jerusalem was a constant between then and until the founding of the modern Jewish State. How did the Palestinian people get the term "Palestine" from? It comes from a renaming of Israel at the hands of the Romans. They decided after defeating the Jewish nation, they would rename it after the sworn enemies of the Jewish people, the Philistines, hence they called it "Philistine." However, even then there has never been any kind of rule from these Palestinian people. From the time of the Romans until the British left the "Mandate of Palestine" there was no kingdom or leadership in part of the Palestinian people; however, when Theodore Herzl reminded the Jewish people that we do have a homeland and that we should go back to our homeland, it was then that the uprising against the Jewish people started and the claims of a "Palestinian People" were born.

With History and the facts against them, I once again pose the following question:
Who Are You?


LeaNder said...

If I call this argument silly, you call me an antisemite?

Well then, so be it?

Greg said...

I feel this is not a silly argument, I present the facts of history as my basis for asking my question. If you feel it is silly, use history as your guide to prove me incorrect.

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