Friday, March 14, 2008

Swastika found in Brooklyn College

I am currently a student at Brooklyn College. Yesterday in one of the bathrooms, I was shocked to discover three Swastikas on the walls of one of the stalls. I was so shocked that I alerted a professor to the discovery and he confirmed that those were swastikas. I alerted security and the officer told me "I have been doing this for fifteen years and I have never seen this before." I alerted the Dean of Undergraduate Studies as well as the President of the University about this horrible discovery. The Dean personally called me back to apologize to me about what had happened and that they would be taken down immediately.
Before they cleaned up the stall, I took pictures of the swastikas on my cellphone.


Jennifer said...

sadly, i am not suprised

nisemono3.14 said...

Maybe in Brooklyn, that is rare.

Around here, you see swazis and the SS logo etched all over the place.

I am sorry that your experience upset you, and that even people in Brooklyn are bigots.

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