Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Initiative from The Anti-Semitism Report... Join the Facebook Group "Fighting Anti-Semitism on Facebook"

Here at the report have decided to start another program that should work alongside the report, and that is "Fighting Anti-Semitism on Facebook!"

The aim of this group is to alert people to things that are being said in various groups that are clearly anti-Semitic in nature but no one is responding too or is being reported to Facebook.

We believe in freedom of Speech, but sometimes that line is crossed and no one notices. We'll we have noticed it and decided its time to fight back by reporting these statements to Facebook as well as retorting the information within these groups so that way
A) People know someone/a group is Anti-Semitic
B) No one else is sucked into this way of thinking

So please, join the fight and invite others to join the group as well.

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